Asheville Drag - Phoebe Monet

O.Henry’s own showgirl, Phoebe Monet was born and raised on the shores of Florida. Leaving the beach behind, she moved with her husband to Knoxville, Tennessee where she began her drag career competing in blocks of seven week cast competitions with other drag newcomers.

Phoebe won an unprecedented three competitions within one year, earning her 21 weeks on cast that first year. Phoebe has excelled quickly in drag and placed 1st runner up in her first pageant competing with six other girls. Phoebe was awarded a permanent position with Knoxville’s drag competition after those first three wins and continues to perform weekly at the competitions. It was through her work with guest stars at the competitions that Phoebe was introduced to the cast at O.Henry’s, where she has made her second home with her sisters.

Phoebe keeps her fans on the edge of their seats as her drag encompasses many different styles. You never know what you will get when she steps on stage! You might see a Vegas style showgirl, a sexy dancing kitten, or a lady of unparalleled beauty and grace. Whatever the style she brings you, Phoebe’s passion for entertaining always shines bright. Drag is more than changing clothes from male to female, it is a true art and Phoebe Monet is an incredibly talented artist whose love of performing exudes from every ounce of her being every time she steps on stage.